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About Us

In 2009, Todd graduated from the University of Victoria with an undergraduate degree in Commerce with distinction. During his degree his passion for photography really took hold. While on an international exchange living in Hong Kong he honed his craft doing street photography and produced some timeless images. Todd studied finance after his undergraduate degree earning the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2013 while building an automated trading desk for a hedge fund based in Victoria, BC. Todd has always been driven to produce the best results in whatever he tackles. In photography this is no different – he has invested in the best quality modern equipment so that he can produce the most beautiful images for his clients. Each new project or event he undertakes he treats as a new art project – a new opportunity to improve upon his last work – to create something unique, something stunning and most importantly to put smiles on the faces of his clients!

Todd’s interests outside of photography include kitesurfing, mountain biking and travel.


Second Shooter

Kat Craats is currently attending the University of Victoria. She has a passion for photography and videography and has created some incredible art in both mediums. Her skills and eye for detail are a major asset to any photography or videography project.